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Fleet Complete HOS


Simplify ELD Compliance with Fleet Complete HoS. Let us help you future proof ELD compliance, save time and make the transition to electronic logging seamless for your drivers. Fleet Complete HOS is an easy-to-use mobile application logs your driver’s record of duty status, helps you perform DVIR and is designed to be ELD compliant by December 18, 2017.OPTIMIZED FOR ALL FLEET TYPESFleet Complete HoS is suitable for a company operating a commercial fleet of any size that is required to keep records of driver’s duty status and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR).
ENGINE DATA FROM THE FLEET TRACKERThe in-vehicle hardware component of Fleet Complete HoS solution collects engine hours and odometer from the vehicle and feeds the information into the mobile app for accurate driver duty status reporting, engine performance and vehicle diagnostics.
AVAILABLE DRIVE TIME DASHBOARDFleet Complete HoS offers a comprehensive dashboard overview of the available drive time and current status hours based on the chosen HoS Rule. A detailed view displays available deferrals, cycles and shift times.
HOS RULESFleet Complete HoS has over 20 US and Canadian inter and intra state/province and cross-border rules to choose from. Our in-house development team regularly updates the HoS rules within the application ensuring you are always compliant.
AUTOMATIC DUTY STATUS UPDATEIn conjunction with the Fleet Tracker, Fleet Complete HoS detects vehicle movement over 5 MPH (8 Km/h) and automatically updates a driver’s duty status to Driving.
EDITABLE LOGSThe driver is always able to edit logs where necessary, override violation notices and provide reason codes for their edits. All edits can be screened by supervising managers and are logged within the application for audit purposes and roadside inspections.
PAINLESS ROADSIDE INSPECTIONDuring a roadside inspection, the driver is able to lock the Fleet Complete HoS application for the inspector’s review and only display information required for the inspection, keeping their private data secure.
AVOID OUT-OF-SERVICE PENALTIESFleet Complete HoS allows drivers to perform Pre and Post Trip DVIR inspections, log any minor or major defects with the vehicle and send an electronic notification to the fleet manager or mechanic for service requests.
MANAGER BENEFITSFleet Complete HoS app feeds the logged data into the Fleet Complete portal that provides your Head-Office with a status update of driver HoS compliance in the field. With instant access to the driver’s availability status, dispatchers and managers can make better decisions to improve your bottom line, while keeping drivers compliant with HoS.
Additional features:• Mobile App connectivity with the in-vehicle tracking device to collect Engine data via Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi • Calculation and display of the available drive, shift drive, cycle, shift and deferral• Violation threshold notifications• Capture of the date and time of the last restart and reset of the cycle • Ability to easily share logs through email• Ability to handle Personal Use/Conveyance and Canadian off-duty deferral times • Storage of the daily log data for 6 months• Ability to handle Canada NSC13 Schedules 1, 2 and 3 forms, and US Part 396.11
IMPORTANT: Fleet Complete HoS is an Hours of Service mobile app designed to help automate Hours of Service record keeping. Each user is required to create an account with an appropriate login. The mobile application users will not be subject to any unforeseen regulatory attention using the Fleet Complete HOS mobile app for the duration of the U.S. ELD grace period until December 18, 2017. After this date, the Fleet Complete HoS mobile application will need to integrate with a subscription-based In-vehicle hardware device in order to be in full compliance with the U.S. ELD mandate.
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